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The first two weeks at Oliva has come to an end

Monday, 27 March 2017 12:36

IMG 0343The team finished week two at the MET Spring Tour 2017 in Oliva Nova with great results on Sunday, March 26th. In the CSI2* 1.35 Gold tour Rolf and Ermindo W did a clear round and placed 9th. Hanna Wicklund on Capich won the CSI1* 1.25m Bronze tour, where Luisa Bahrs on Edeka's Catyana placed 8th and Marlene Jensen on Vong's Bernice placed 14th.

Nadja Kristoffersen on Chicago did great in the CSI1* 1.40m Bronze tour; the pair was double clear and placed fifth.

In the CSI2* 1.45m Gold tour Grand Prix Rolf on Crunch was double clear and placed 7th. In the CSI1* 1.15m Bronze tour Wilma Liljeqvist on Ronde de la Chatre won, Hanna on Fantomas placed 6th, Carin Elg on Carrie placed 7th and Marlene on Denise placed 9th.

In the CSI1* 1.30m Bronze tour Luisa Bahrs on Edeka's La Vue, Carin Elg on Octavia and Maria Östman on For White Foot were all double clear.


Great Friday and Saturday at Oliva

Sunday, 26 March 2017 05:56

IMG 0695On Friday in the CSI1* 1.20m Wilma Liljeqvist on Ronde de la Chatre did a clear round and placed 8th. Luisa Bahrs on Edeka's Catyana, Julia Foss on Locadeur and Maria Östman on both Quarinto and Chloe also did nice clear rounds. In CSI2* 1.45m Bart and Dalton were double clear and placed 8th, Krzysztof Okla and Chacitol were double clear and placed 20th and Rolf on Crunch 3 was double clear. 

In the CSI2* 1.35m Rolf and Ermindo W were clear and placed 12th, Okla and Chicharito Blue stayed clear on the fences, only picking up 2 time faults just like Bart and Cassirano Del Rilate. In the CSI1* 1.40m Nadja Kristoffersen on Chicago 131 did a clear round and took the 8th place. In the CSI1* 1.35m Rolf on Oak Grove's Carlyle did a clear round and placed 7th, while Nadja Kristoffersen on Charity 41 also delivered a clear round ending 15th. 

In the CSI1* 1.30m Maria Östman on Qualisy took the 4th place while Hanna Wicklund and Leoncaballo 2 ended 6th. Carin Elg on Corlion took the 13th place after a clear round, and on her second ride in the class, Octavia, Carin had one time fault. 

Saturday March 25th in the MET Spring Tour 2017 in Oliva Nova. In the CSI1* 1.30m Bronze tour Augusta Speiser on Carisma did a clear round and placed 9th. Carin Elg on Octavia were also clear and placed 11th. In the CSI1* 1.30m Silver Tour Augusta Speiser on Corielle de Lune were clear and placed 11th while Hanna Wicklund on Tiffany was clear and placed 12th and Bart on Ramirez FZ also did a clear round. 

In the CSI1* 1.15m Marlene Jensen was clear on both her horses and with Lady G she ended on 8th place. Carin Elg and Carrie were clear as well.  Rolf picked two placings; in the CSI1* 1.40 Silver tour he and Oak Grove's Carlyle placed 2nd and in the CSI2* 1.45 Gold tour Rolf on Spring Dark was double clear and placed 8th. 


Rolf ist jetzt beim Team in Spanien angekommen

Friday, 24 March 2017 07:14

17426347 1290446671004103 5672535101787430782 nRolf ist jetzt auch mit dem Team bei der MET Spring Tour 2017 in Oliva Nova und startete schon am Donnerstag. In der CSI2* 1.30m war Rolf fehlerfrei mit Spring Dark und an 15. Stelle platziert, und Krzysztof Okla mit Chicharito Blue lieferte ebenso eine fehlerfreien Runde.

In der CSI1* 1.25m waren Bart und Camirez FZ fehlerfrei und in der CSIY1* 1.15m für 5-jährige war Okla auf W Hembla Z doppelnull und Dritter. In der CSI2* 1.40m lieferten Rolf und Crunch 3 eine schöne Nullrunde und wurde mit Platz 18 belohnt. In der CSI1* 1.35m war Bart mit Louisiana H doppelnull. Der erfolgreiche Tag endete mit einer CSIY1* 1.35m für 7-jährige Pferde, wo Bart und Iron Man doppelnull und Achte waren.


Casall Ask and Clarimo Ask great in Saut Hermès

Monday, 20 March 2017 07:33

IMG 4626Rolf had a great show with Casall Ask and Clarimo Ask at Saut Hermes in Paris. On Friday Clarimo Ask ended 10th in the 1,45 class while Casall Ask took the 12th place after being clear in the 1,50 speed class.

On Saturday, Rolf and Clarimo Ask were part of the team competition together with Penelope Leprevost with Ratina d™la Rousserie, the team ended 4th.

Clarimo Ask took the 3rd place in his last start in Paris,“ a 1,50 class on Sunday morning. Casall Ask ended 7th in the Grand Prix.


Two wins for the team in Oliva

Monday, 20 March 2017 06:03

IMG 4637Sunday, the 19th of March at the MET Spring Tour 2017 in Oliva Nova saw two great wins for the team - Anne-Charlotte Bogh-Sorensen Picobello won the CSI1* 1,25m class with Judarco and was second with Stenagers Hard To Beat in the same class. Hanna Wicklund with Capich ended 6th.

Augusta Speiser took the second win for the team when she won the CSI1* 1,30m class riding Corielle de Lune. She was also third with Carisma in the same class and Luisa Bahrs with Edeka’s Connycor delivered a great clear round.

In the CSI1* 1,15m class Maria Ostman on Chloe, Augusta Speiser on Cadesso and Marlene Jensen on Vong's Bernice all ended the course with one time penalty but after some great jumping. Nadja Kristofferson with Charity 41 took the 9th place in the CSI1* Table A 1.40m class.



Saturday's placings in Oliva

Sunday, 19 March 2017 18:35

IMG 4636Saturday, 18th of March at the MET Spring Tour 2017 in Oliva Nova started with a CSI1* 1.30 class in two phases, where Luisa Bahrs on Caricia H placed 7th. Carina Elg on Octavia, Augusta Speiser on Carisma and Julia Foss on First Lady also started and stayed clear in the first phase.

In the CSI1* 1.15m in two phases Anne-Charlotte Bogh-Sorensen on Atreju placed 5th and Maria Östman on Chloe placed 13th. Carin Elg on Alison, Augusta Speiser on Cadesso, Marlene Jensen on Vong's Bernice and Hanna Wicklund on Fantomas also rode great double clear rounds.

In the CSI1* table A 1.30m class Hanna Wicklund on Tiffany took the 6th place and Maria Östman on For White Foot ended on place 20. The CSI1* table A 1.40m class saw Nadja Kristoffersen in top form: she placed 3rd with Chicago 131 and 6th with Charity 41. Hanna Wicklund picked up another placing in the CSI1* accumulator 1.25m class, where she placed 6th with Leoncaballo 2. Julia Foss on Locadeur took the place 16.


Friday's results in Oliva

Saturday, 18 March 2017 06:35

IMG 4631Anne-Charlotte Bøgh-Sørensen with Atreju started the day with a clear round in the CSI1* 1.10m class and placed 9th. Maria Östman on Chloe and Carin Elg on Alison were also clear in the same class. Marleen Jensen on Vong's Bernice was clear on fences but got an unlucky time penalty. 

The CSI1* 1.20m class was a great success for the team: Augusta Speiser on Carisma placed 16th with a clear round and Maria Östman on Quarinto placed 21st with a clear round. Wilma Liljeqvist on Ronde de la Chatre, Augusta on Corielle de Lune, Anne-Charlotte on Stingers Hard to Beat and Hanna with both Capich and Leoncaballo and Julia Foss on Locadeur all rode clear rounds. 

Bart van der Maat was busy as usual: in the CSI1* 1.35m class he placed 10th with a clear round on Louisiana H and in the CSI2* 1.40m class he did a result of 0/4 with Dalton.

The CSI1* 1.30m was another good experience: Nadja Kristofferson placed 5th with Charity 41 and 7th with Chicago 131. Luisa Bahrs on Caricia H placed 9th and Carin Elg on Octavia was 11th. 

The day ended on a nice note: in the CSI1* 1.25m in two phases Hanna Wicklund on Tiffany placed 10th with a double clear result. Bart on Ramirez FZ was also double clear and Carin on Corlion only had one time fault. 

Well done team!


Busy Thursday at Oliva

Friday, 17 March 2017 06:36

IMG 0347Thursday, March 16 was a busy day for Team Bengtsson & Kristoffersen at the MET 2017 Oliva Nova. In the CSI2* Table A 1.30m class that is a part of the Gold Tour 1, Bart van der Maat had only one time fault with Cassirano Del Rilate. Bart competed also in the 1.35m class with two phases for 7-year-old horses and was double clear on Iron Man.

In a table A 1.45m class, a part of the Gold Tour 4, Krzysztof Okla on Chacitol rode a clear round while Carin Elg was clear with Corlion and Luisa Bahrs clear on Edeka's La Vue in the Silver Tour 1, a CSI1* Table A 1.25m class. Hanna Wicklund on Tiffany had one time fault in the same class.

In the CSI2* two phases 1.40m class in the Gold Tour 3 Bart qualified for the jump-off with Dalton. In the CSI1* Table A 1.35m class; Okla was clear riding Daina. Krzysztof continued his success with the 5-year-olds: in the two phases 1.15m class he was second with W Hembla Z and 9th with Neymar de Reve.


Great start in Oliva

Wednesday, 15 March 2017 19:46

IMG 0348Team Bengtsson & Kristoffersen has had a great start to the Mediterranean tour in Oliva. The show started on Tuesday and Bart van der Maat was clear in the 1,30 class for 7-year-olds riding Iron Man. Krzysztof Okla on Neymar de Reve and W Hembla Z, Carin Elg on Timbuktu and Maria Östman on Condor Hypodromo were all qualified for the jump-off in the 1,15 class for 5-year-olds.

On Wednesday the 1.15m class for the 5-year-old horses was a success for the team: Okla on W Hekla Z was placed second, Maria Östman on Condor Hypodromo was placed 5th, Okla on Neymar de Reve was placed 8th and Carin Elg on Timbuktu was placed 9th. Tomorrow, Thursday, will be a busy day with 5-, 6- and 7-year-old horses as well as Silver and Gold tour. 


Team Bengtsson & Kristoffersen on the way to Oliva

Thursday, 09 March 2017 17:05

IMG 0343Team Bengtsson & Kristoffersen is now on their way to the Mediterranean tour in Oliva, Spain. 14 riders with 48 horses will represent the team for the next weeks. The journey started on Thursday and will take three days.

The show starts on Tuesday the 14th of March and continue on for three weeks until the 2nd of April. Then some of the riders and horses will go home while others stay for the next tour that starts 11th of April.

Rolf will compete in Paris with Casall Ask and Clarimo Ask next weekend and will then join the team in Oliva.

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