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Rolf´s shows


Falsterbo Horse Show

Team Bengtsson-Kristoffersen´s shows




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Press release from Stall Bengtsson & Kristoffersen

Friday, 27 October 2017 06:16

rolf boAs announced earlier this year, Rolf-Göran Bengtsson and Bo Kristoffersen – who have been running Stall Bengtsson & Kristoffersen in Breitenburg, Germany together since 2003 – have been parting ways.

From the end of August, Rolf started his own business: Stall Bengtsson GmbH. The biggest difference for Rolf is that he moved his operations to his wife Evi Bengtsson’s stable in Itzehoe, apart from that his competition career continues as before and he will also keep on training his students. Rolf and Evi will also always have some horses for sale.

Bo Kristoffersen has started the company Kristoffersen Equestrian and will in the future have collaboration with Christian and Andreas Schou’s Absolute Horses. The collaboration will focus on everything that has to do with students and horses.

After almost 15 successful years together in Breitenburg, Bo and Rolf are looking forward to the future and support each other fully. Throughout the years there have been many people and partners involved in creating Stall Bengtsson & Kristoffersen’s success. La Silla, Stutteri Ask and the Holsteiner Verband have all played an important role – and both Bo and Rolf remain thankful for their continued support and all the effort that has been put in from all the various horse owners and other supporters over the years. Rolf will remain in his successful partnership with the Holsteiner Verband.

Special thanks go to Helle Kristoffersen, who has been a big part of the team from the start to the end – taking care of all the administration and organization.

There have been many highlights in this partnership, but the most memorable are probably the various championships – winning the team silver at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens riding Mac Kinley, winning the individual silver medal at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing riding Ninja La Silla and being crowned the European Champion in Madrid in 2011 – again with Ninja La Silla. Casall Ask and his unbelievable career has been a chapter of its own; participating with him at the London 2012 Olympic Games, placing third with the team at the European Championships in Herning in 2013 and being fourth individual, placing fourth in the World Equestrian Games in Caen in 2014 and his consistent success in the Longines Global Champions Tour where he was crowned the Champion of Champions in 2016. Casall Ask had a true fairy tale ending to his career when winning his last Grand Prix in Hamburg in May 2017. Those are all moments that have made this journey together incredible. Casall Ask goes into the history books as one of the most winning horses in the world, having won as much as 4 million Euros during his career.

During the year’s together Rolf was no. one on the World Ranking List for almost a year, and stayed within the top 10 for most of their cooperation.

All of this would not have been possible without a vast net of supporters, the most important of them surely being the loyal staff at home in Breitenburg. A special thanks to Celia Rijntjes that has been Rolf’s show groom during all those years. But a huge thank you to all of you that have been involved!

We will also thank family Breido Graf zu Rantzau for a great cooperation with the stable in Breitenburg during all these year’s and we hope you will find the perfect partner to rent the stables after us.

As an era now comes to an end, Stall Bengtsson & Kristoffersen would like to thank everyone who shared this journey with them.



Crunch and Spring Dark in Falsterbo

Tuesday, 18 July 2017 14:03

Rolf Goran Bengtsson Crunch 3 18034Rolf Goran Bengtsson Spring Dark 20585

Read more: Crunch and Spring Dark in Falsterbo


Clarimo Ask will not compete in Falsterbo

Wednesday, 05 July 2017 05:44

Rolf Goran Bengtsson Clarimo Ask 12916Due to the injury Clarimo Ask sustained during the FEI Nations Cup in Rotterdam,“ where he jumped a beautiful clear round, he will not be able to compete at Falsterbo Horse Show. The veterinarians are still examining Clarimo and at this point it is not known when he can be back competing.


Rolf and Spring Dark 3rd in ‘Radobank Championship of Rotterdam’

Saturday, 24 June 2017 15:36

Rolf Spring DarkSpring Dark jumped fantastic over the very difficult first round of the 1,55m class in Rotterdam on Saturday. Out of 46 starters in the class only four made it to the jump-off and one of the pairs was Rolf with Spring Dark.

The mare continued to jump great also in the jump-off, but unfortunately the very last fence fell and Rolf had to settle for the 3rd place. Marcus Ehning with Funky Fred won the class ahead of Marco Kutscher with Balermo.


Rolf and Clarimo Ask on the winning team in Rotterdam

Friday, 23 June 2017 17:36

 K7X3753Sweden won the CSIO5* Nations Cup in Rotterdam on Friday, after some great rounds from the swedes. The team consisted of Henrik von Eckermann with Cantinero, Douglas Lindelöw with Zacramento, Peder Fredricson with H&M All In and Rolf with Clarimo Ask.

Henrik, Douglas and Rolf all delivered clears in the first round so Peder didn’t even had to start. Clarimo Ask jumped fantastic but unfortunately he seems to have hit himself and was lame going out. This is why Rolf and Clarimo didn’t come back for round two – Clarimo is now well taken care of by the vet.

Henrik, Douglas and Peder did fantastic rounds the second time around and Sweden won ahead of Switzerland and Italy.


Dream closing to Casall Ask’s career as he wins the Longines Global Champions Tour Grand Prix of Hamburg

Saturday, 27 May 2017 18:05

 K7X0528 litenIn his very last performance, in the CSI5* Longines Global Champions Tour Grand Prix of Hamburg, Casall Ask jumped Rolf to the top of the podium after three incredible clear rounds.

At the age of 18, it had been decided to retire the Holsteiner stallion on home soil in Hamburg following the Grand Prix“ but who could have guessed that Casall Ask would stage such a perfect send-off for himself with a victory? As last to go in the jump-off, Rolf and Casall were in a league of their own shaving off an unbelievable 2.44 seconds on Harrie Smolders leading time to take home the win in one of the world'™s most prestigious Grand Prix competitions.

It could not have ended better, that is for sure, said Rolf afterwards. The feeling was the same as it was when he was 11-years-old: He does his job, he enjoys to go into the ring and the bigger the crowds the better - then he shows off even more!

On home soil, in front of his home crowd - that he can perform in this way: It is just a dream come true!

It was a fairy-tail ending to a fantastic career: Casall Ask and Rolf-Göran Bengtsson go into the history books as one of the true power-pairs of showjumping as title-holders of the 2016 Longines Global Champions Tour as well as wins in the Longines Global Champions Tour Grand Prix competitions of Doha, Valkenswaard and Paris during the 2016-season. The also have five-star Grand Prix, World Cup and Nations Cup victories from Rome (2015), London (2015), Doha (2014), Lyon (2014 and 2011), Basel (2014), Monte Carlo (2011), Hamburg (2011), Falsterbo (2010), Rotterdam (2010), Den Bosch (2010) and Oslo (2009) to look back at in addition to a team bronze medal from the 2013 European Championships in Herning. The two also jumped to a fourth place at the 2014 World Equestrian Games, participated at the 2012 Olympic Games and have taken part in three World Cup finals.


Great team results in Tågerup, Denmark

Tuesday, 23 May 2017 05:53

bk logotypeThe team had several riders competing during the Danish Championships held at Tågerup in Denmark. Eva Kramer was the only rider competing for the Championship-title as a senior rider. Although the medals were awarded to other riders, Eva and Gazette Ask rode a beautiful last round with only one time penalty.

Nadja Kristoffersen had a super weekend with Charity 41 and Chicago and was double clear and placed with both horses in Thursday's 1.40 class. In Thursday’s 1.20 class Eva and Cocio were double clear and placed, and Eva also brought home a ribbon from the 1.30 class with Caracello. Nicole Christiansen was also clear with Aren Bee, but they ended outside the money. Julia Foss/Locadeur and Eva/Quadrosson Ask finished with one time penalty.

On Friday Eva rode another great round with Caracello, this time in the 1.40 class with one fence down in the jump-off. Anne-Charlotte Bogh-Sörensen picked up a second place aboard Picobello Judarco in the 1.20 class on Friday and repeated the performance on Saturday where she also was double clear with Atreju. Eva and Cocio had four faults in the 1.20 jump-off. Julia and First Lady were clear and placed in 1.30, while Luisa and Caricia H were clear but outside the money in another 1.30 class.

On Sunday, Eva had another great day. In addition to her super Championship-round she was double clear and ended fourth in the 1.30 class with Caracella and had a four-fault jump-off with Quadrosson Ask in the same class. Also, Anne-Charlotte had good reasons to be proud with a clear 1.30 class aboard Atreju in the same class.


Oak Grove’s Carlyle in top form in Nörten-Hardenberg

Monday, 22 May 2017 06:48

RolfRolf and Oak Grove’s Carlyle were placed in all their starts during the CSI3* show in Nörten-Hardenberg, Germany. The gelding took the sixth place in the 1,40 class on Friday as well as on Saturday and then ended up the show by taking the fourth place in Sunday’s 1,50 class. Crunch was also placed in one 1,40 class.


Welcome to the team Christoph Könemann

Tuesday, 16 May 2017 12:06

bk logotypeWe would like to welcome Christoph Könemann to the team. He did his first show with us in Kronenberg and also he had a successful show. On Darius de Kezeg Z he was clear in Friday's and Sunday's CSIYH1* 1,30 classes and on Colomans Cornet Christoph ended 6th in Friday's CSI1* 1,30 class and took the 7th place in Sunday'™s CSI1* 1,20 class.

Quillini ended 3rd in Friday'™s CSI2* 1,35 class and 12th in Sunday'™s CSI2* 1,35 class, while Rose de Setif was clear in Friday'™s CSI2* 1,40 class. On Saturday Carnac du Frio took the 14th place in CSI1* 1,30. Christoph ended the weekend with only one time penalty in the CSI2* Grand Prix riding Adeway.


Two wins and several placements for Team Bengtsson & Kristoffersen in Kronenberg

Monday, 15 May 2017 07:09

 MG 9220 litenThe team had a great weekend in Kronenberg, Netherlands. Rolf and Oak Grove's Carlyle won two classes and the team riders picked up one ribbon after the other.

On Friday Bart van der Maat was double clear and placed 11 with Iron Man in the CSIYH1* 1,30m class. Manuel Eugster was also double clear riding Cantara V. In one of the CSI2* 1,40m classes on Friday Rolf and Casall Ask played around delivering a clear round. In another CSI2* 1,40m class Manuel ended 8th riding Callisto. Bart with Louisiana H, Rolf with Crunch 3 and Luisa Bahrs with Caricia H all delivered clear rounds in the same class.

Manuel with Chaconie ended 15th in Fridays CSI1* 1,20m class. Theodora Dörring with Carvino and Bart with Sea Coast Just The Music were double clear as well.

Rolf and Oak Grove's Carlyle won Friday's CSI2* 1,35m class while Theodora ended 13th with Bolino. Luisa made a clear first round, but had an unfortunate fault in the jump-off.

On Saturday the success continued. In the CSI1* 1,30m class we could se a double clear from Rolf with Ermindo W and from Manuel with Chaconie. Rolf and Oak Grove’s Carlyle ended 4th in the CSI2* 1,40m class while Manuel with Callisto and Bart with Louisiana H delivered clear rounds.

In Saturday's CSI1* 1,20 class Bart and Carmirez FZ were clear while Julie Pellerin with Atrevido de Beaufoour was clear on fences, but had to ad one time penalty. Bart and Iron Man ended 5th in Saturday's CSIYH1* 1,30m class. In the CSI2* 1,35m class Luisa and Edeka's La Vue ended on 13th place. Manuel and Chavannais delivered a clear in the same class. In Saturday's last class, a CSI2* 1,45m class, Rolf and Casall Ask rode an easy double clear to end 13th.

The Sunday started off with clear rounds but 2 time faults for Manuel with Douglass Chavannais and Luisa with Edeka's La Vue in the CSI2* 1,35m class. In the CSIYHI1* 1,30m class Manuel and Cantara V rode a clear round. In the CSI1* 1,20m class Bart and Carmirez FZ got 2 time faults.

Rolf and Oak Grove's Carlyle were on fire this weekend and on Sunday they took their second win in the CSI2* 1,40m class. Luisa and Caricia H had one time penalty and ended 11th in the same class.

Manuel and Chaconie ended 6th in the CSI1* 1,30m class after a double clear. The weekend ended with Rolf and Crunch finishing 4th in the CSI2* Grand Prix.

Well done all the riders, horses and grooms!

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